How’s your marketing looking in 2017?

What’s on the horizon for your organisation? Last year’s marketing may not serve this year’s needs—or maybe it didn’t even serve last year’s needs. To catch the attention of today’s consumer, you’ve got to act fast: According to researchers, people take just 2.6 seconds to mentally assess visual messages. Your marketing strategy needs to stand out from the crowd by being brand-savvy, versatile and targeted.

Do you need to hit “refresh” on your marketing strategy this year? Top companies all over the world are choosing to upgrade their marketing departments by outsourcing them. These forward-thinking businesses are realising that yesterday’s marketing teams—in-house teams with costly salaries and finite sets of skills—are not able to compete with the agility of the outsourced marketing teams of the future. Here are some of the benefits of an outsourced marketing department:

  • More expertise:

    Outsourced marketing draws on the skills of a multitude of workers, handpicking just the right team for your campaign.

  • Bigger effects:

    Helping you create and execute the perfect marketing strategy for your organisation, an outsourced team has the creativity to find unexpected solutions.

  • Huge savings:

    Outsourced marketing saves you the heavy cost of staffing and housing an entire department. Plus, you’ll draw on a wide array of experts in social media, design, and more—all included.

Change is essential for growth. Each passing year, our society becomes more globalised and more digitalised, and marketing becomes trickier. It can be hard for traditional marketing departments to keep up with the rapid technological shifts alone! It’s much easier for outsourced marketing teams to evolve with the times, dynamically shifting strategies based on current needs.

Are you ready to take your organisation’s marketing to the next level in 2017? Hire the premier outsourced marketing department today— Contact Marketing Bee.

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