1. How did you get into travel and tourism? Was it your first choice? Tell us more about what you do.

My first role in travel and tourism was as a tour guide in Canada where I was fortunate enough to do scenic flights to the glacier peaks surrounding Vancouver. This is where I caught the travel bug and ended up visiting every continent in the world, including Antarctica. After 10 years of working in adventure travel, I managed the marketing for South African Tourism for 7 years and for the past 2.5 years, I have operated my own boutique agency called Ynot Concepts offering sales, marketing and PR to the travel and tourism industry.

2. What are you currently working on?

Ynot Concepts is a cutting-edge boutique agency that provides destination marketing to a variety of clients including adventure overland companies, luxury lodges, ground handlers and airlines. The majority of our clients are based in Africa allowing us to showcase the beauty and diversity of the amazing continent to the world. We are also in discussions with new and exciting destinations and looking at expanding our operations this year. Knowing every business is unique, we aim to increase market share using our strong network to achieve our clients’ goals in Australasia.

3. 3 things you’d take with you to a desert island?

Insect repellent as mosquitoes love me, chocolate to keep my energy up and music to keep me sane.

4. Tell us about the hottest destinations at the moment.

This is a tough one as there so many amazing destinations in the world but one that I love and is very popular at the moment is Tanzania. This stunning place offers incredible wildlife, sensational scenery, friendly people and will provide memories of a lifetime. Tanzania is a must for travellers of all ages that want to connect with nature and have a life-changing experience. 

5. Where do you see the tourism industry going marketing-wise?

With the use of the internet more and more, travellers are doing the research themselves and booking online, however for destinations like Africa that are more complicated, the traditional booking channels are still going strong, as many prefer to use a local African specialist to source the best deals. Online marketing is definitely increasing where it is easier to target potential travellers and monitor engagement. Digital advertising, native advertising, social media and word of mouth are proving to be an important avenue for creating awareness of destinations and increasing conversation in the ever-changing tourism industry.


To contact Robert from Ynot Concepts and to learn more about marketing and PR in the travel and tourism industry, head to his website, find him on Facebook or Instagram.

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