1. How did you get into business coaching? Was it your first choice? Tell us more about what you do.

I feel that I served a long apprenticeship to become a quality and professional Business Coach. I’ve had a passion for business since I was a kid and started my first business at 14 years old, another at 15 years old and in desperation, my father sent me off to College to learn accounting so that “at least John will know what is doing properly”. Since then, I have built up businesses, sold them and created new ones and I am constantly reading and working with clients, sharing what I’ve learnt from my mistakes as well as the challenges and triumphs I encountered as a business owner. Along the way, I worked as a CEO for an international company who were in dire straits and I helped turnaround, improving systems and increasing profits. It was then I started business coaching, almost by accident 10 years ago and there is nothing I would rather do.

2. What are you currently working on?

I am building my business by working on the success of my clients, in my eyes, their success is my success. I work with all types of companies and currently coach: a mobile app development company, a phone distribution company, a supplier and manufacturing company that supplies Defence departments around the globe, a manufacturer of vehicle components and an IT service provider, just to name a few. I also run very popular, hands-on negotiation workshops with my partner Heather.

3. Advice you’d give your younger self and other business owners?

Maybe this isn’t what you expect but I see this as critical to all business owners—I would tell myself “If you have some great successes in your business, you are in danger of believing you have reached the point of knowing it all and it’s easy to let your ego get in the way. I believe that is the time, more than ever, that you need to employ a really good Business Coach to help you with humility as true success is beyond this. All truly great leaders are humble and need to be open to learning and growing as people too. 

4. Why is coaching so important to business owners?

When you are emotionally involved with your business it can be difficult to see clearly. A Business Coach can demystify what is going on for you and strategically move your business forward so that it not only reaches your dreams but exceeds them. I believe removing the barriers that are holding back business owners from incredible success is what I do best. 

5. Tell us about where marketing fits in coaching.

Marketing is the first step. Realistically, before marketing, we need to establish a compelling brand and being true to that brand so that successful marketing can be built around that. In my eyes, marketing is the process in which we bring potential clients to our door and sales is turning these potential customers into ultimately wildly raving fans of your business.

6. 3 things we need to know about John Flett, the coach.

I believe I’m honest, kind and caring and it’s these three qualities I think are important in a successful Business Coach (and business owner).


To contact John from Scope BC and to learn more about business coaching, head to his website.

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