Blending food and tech.

With a website that had proven successful in the past, it was time to reimagine My Local Foodie’s digital presence. After meeting with CEO, Tim to discuss his wants for his new website, we got stuck into what we consider our most important step, research. From extensive briefs to market trends, our team take learning seriously. We moved into design where our ideas came alive, with vibrant photography taken through multiple sessions, a solid colour palette and distinctive design elements, we created a website that fits My Local Foodie perfectly.

Standing the test of time.

With the new website live, we focused on the inconsistencies we identified through a full review of collateral–online and offline. With design variations across the brand, we moved into designing one central document that narrows in on the do’s and don’ts of My Local Foodie’s branding, a style guide. With hours of branding sessions and market research, we developed a comprehensive branding document that covers logo usage, applied design and photography use.

Along the way

In conjunction with our work on the website and style guide, our team take care of the regular tasks that are often neglected in a growing business. From updating online profiles and redesigning collateral to website maintenance, we eliminated the frustrations Tim had dealing with multiple providers in favour of a reliable, multi-skilled team.

“ All the work I’ve done on My Local Foodie including the website, style guide and graphics has been rewarding and interesting. Their marriage between technology
and food particularly appeals to me.
Looking forward to their growth. ”

Nikola Stojanovic

The secret of our best chefs

Servicing more than 400 venues locally

Millions of $
Of transactions through their software and buying group

I have no doubt the quality of our new collateral has improved our image in the minds of potential new clients and that it has helped us reduce our lead time to convert prospects into clients.

Tim Sailsbury
My Local Foodie