Building a community.

Our social media team zoned in on refining the messaging on social media, particularly Facebook, the market’s largest online base. After crafting varied interactive content, including competitions, recipes and weekly specials, the page reached 10,000 likes and frequently reaches more than 20,000 people. Our team also provide community management ensuring enquiries and comments are efficiently handled and passed onto the correct
department. Other facets handled by our hive include web management, tech support, hosting, graphic design and signage. We continuously
track their web traffic and progress via Google tools, and have seen an ever growing base of users come through.

Reliability is in.

Having previously been assisted by unreliable providers, we are proud to have brought reliability and professionalism to the owners of PHMM. Since coming on board with us, PHMM has been able to effectively execute its marketing increasing sales and foot traffic, our team collaborates directly with the management board and seamlessly integrates with their strategies. Busy as they are – they also remotely manage their program from their phone or laptop through our cloud based platform.

Sales & Satisfaction

Our interactive content, including competitions, recipes and weekly specials reaches thousands each day and has accumulated in over 600 enquiries since we started being the voice of community management for Pendle Hill Meat Market

“ Working on the growth of one of Australia’s largest meat markets has been very exciting for me. Glad to see our team is making an impact – increasing enquiries, foot traffic
and general customer satisfaction. “

Luca Pagnut
Production Manager


Customers a week

Over 1,000 posts on social media
40+ newsletters, 44% increase in sign ups
70,000+ opens on newsletters
800+ promotions designed
900% Google traffic increase in 6 months

Pleasure to work with an amazing,
professional, prompt and friendly team who delivers fantastic results.

Marica Zammit
Owner – PHB Group