End-user love.

Traditionally targeting messaging at their wholesale customers, such as pet stores and groomers, we moved into developing collateral for end-users through competitions, such as the Cutest Pet Competition which reached more than 50,000 people and the Furry Friends Club, a customer club for pet owners to receive product recommendations and tips on training. This strategy is helping creating a loyal Yummi Pet following which flows back into sales for retail stores.

Uniformity across channels.

With a mixed tone of voice across various channels, we crafted a distinctive tone of voice—friendly and in-the-know with a dash of fun on social media, e-newsletters and other collateral. We also promote Yummi’s brands including Nature’s Instinct, Interball, Pet Brands and many others totalling close to 500 products.

Finding Australia’s Cutest Pet

Australians are fond of their pets – as one of the world’s nations with the highest pet ownership per household – we certainly confirmed this interest when our team launched a campaign to find Australia’s cutest pet – gathering more than 24,000 views and hundreds of participants – we certainly spiked the interest of media-worthy pets and their owners.

“ I have to admit I have a soft spot for Yummi. I love pets and it’s been so much fun creating the promotions,
organising shoots and launching new exciting products.
Now that we can see how fast the business
is growing – we are ecstatic. ”

Luca Pagnut
Production Manager

3 Million
Pig ears a year


Small pork bones a year


20 tonnes
Of liver a year




Distributors of
Pet Brands and 30 Pet brands sub-brands
Natures Instinct
Tickless Pet
Tucker Time


1,000+ posts on social media
Creation of the Furry Friends Club
500+ engaged users each competition
Increase in web traffic
Increase in Google listing visits and enquiries