We like making your friends happy, because when they’re happy, you are too.

Many of our lovely clients are referred to us through word of mouth. We’ve been working on a way to reward you for pointing future hivers in our direction. We truly believe in turning this industry on its head, this is why we do not charge exorbitant fees for all talk and no execution and have worked hard to build a world-class team to service our clients. If you know a business that could you use an innovative hand—all you need to do is let us know. We even keep you updated during the process.

Need more info?

It’s actually quite simple.

So, how do you get started?

It’s all too easy. If you have a current client that could use a little honey, point them our way. It couldn’t get any sweeter—introduce your bee in need, we will follow up on their needs, if they do with us—you increase your revenue. You are provided with some buzzing marketing material, featured on our blog and we make customers fly your way as well. With a social network including more than 10,000 businesses, experts and thought leaders, we too can sweeten your connections.

What’s the catch?

There is none, we sign a simple agreement so things are clear and you simply get a thank you for introducing us to a bee in need.

How to get started and help a bee out?

We provide you with all the tools you need to refer your clients to our services so that it’s as easy as possible for you to both enjoy the rewards. One of our program drones will then get in touch to get you started and to see how we can assist. You can then fly with the hive family and help other businesses succeed with leading edge technology and innovative design. In the process, you can buy yourself the little something you’ve been keeping an eye on. Once you’ve helped us share our honey, we will pass on some generous nectar.

We make it very easy.

Step 1

Be introduced to our partnership team, and get set up on our system.

Step 2

Download all the case studies and material you need and spread the buzz.

Step 3

Take a closer look at our work and get to know us better.

Step 4

Introduce us to a bee we can help.

Step 5

We see if we can help, if we can’t then that’s okay.

Step 6

If we are a good fit, everybody grows.

Keen to help another business grow?

Contact our partnership team at partners@marketingbee.com.au. You can also leave us a comment through our contact form. Need more information? Make a booking with our team to go over our business, we will organise a Hive HQ tour for you, with the red carpet and all.