5 Critical Errors Your Developer Is Making

You did your homework, you sought the opinion of colleagues, and you think you hired a top-notch web developer — but did you? Even web professionals with a long resume might be making these simple, yet crucial, mistakes:

  • Letting you design your own website

    Web development is hard work that requires years of training and experience, and it takes a long time to build a great website. For most professionals seeking online outlets for their businesses, the hours upon hours they waste trying to build a website could be more efficiently used doing what they do best—whatever it is that brought them to their business in the first place.

  • Not using open source platforms

    Open source software, such as WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla, is available for free to anyone who wants to use it. The source code is available to all, so tech-savvy users and engineers can change, improve or adapt it. That makes it better for everyone because it allows the software to quickly evolve and grow—at no expense—and produces far better software than the traditional closed model.

  • Not helping you test and debug your site

    Software bugs that go undetected can be extremely costly. Inexperienced developers may not understand the gravity of these errors that are potentially catastrophic to the success of your website and your entire enterprise. Bugs can be hard to identify and eradicate—let the experts ensure your software is working correctly!

  • Not backing up your site

    Human error, updates gone wrong, and other technology breakdowns can all cause you to lose massive amounts of time and work that you’ve invested in perfecting your site. Your server may do backups, but it’s best not to depend solely on that. Your server might not run their backups as often as your situation requires, especially if you regularly update web content. If your site is accessible online, it’s impossible to guarantee that it won’t get hacked. Having a complete backup of your entire website installation means instead of trying to identify and remove infected code you can save time and trouble by deleting the entire site and rebuilding it from the backup.

  • Hard coding everything and giving you an inflexible solution

    Hard coding means that the programmer wrote something that cannot be changed directly by the user—and it can mean you’re stuck with functions that don’t work for your business. What good is a website if you can’t adjust it to your individual needs? You want a website that’s accessible to you.

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