6 Steps to Properly Induct a Remote Marketing Team

So, you’ve heard the news that an outsourced marketing team is good for business. Remote marketers can provide a diverse array of tools, flexible options, and lower overheads. In today’s fast-paced world, outsourced marketing teams boast the benefits of a plethora of experts who are able to use today’s media and technology to the fullest potential. Without the huge expense of salaries and in-house infrastructure, the total cost of a successful marketing campaign is much lower—allowing for higher profits and a massive boost to your company’s bottom line.

Here’s how to find and hire the top-notch remote marketing team of your dreams.

  1. Focus on the qualities that make an ideal remote marketing team

    Remote workers need many of the same strengths as in-house workers, plus they need extra expertise in the following areas:

    • Organisation and prioritisation
    • Time management
    • Good written communication
    • Technological savvy
    • Creativity
  2. Search far and wide

    Use online search tools, social media, local contacts, job boards, and any other outreach tools you have at your disposal. Post a well-written job description that explains why your opportunity is exciting and desirable.

  3. Use a discriminating eye

    Hiring remotely can be tricky because much of the communication takes place online. Look for candidates with a professional presentation and a proven track record of high-quality work. Check into each applicant’s background, and trust your gut instinct.

  4. Quickly and politely reject unqualified applicants

    Does the candidate lack necessary training? Do his or her examples of past work leave something to be desired? Were there hints of tardiness or disorganisation? Use clear and direct language to tell the applicant you’re looking elsewhere.

  5. Think global. Use the digital age to your example

    Your perfect outsourced marketing team might not be based in your city or even your country. Diversity and globalism can be to your advantage!

  6. Choose a winner and begin planning

    When you’ve found a team that fits the bill and you’re ready to get to work, it’s time to celebrate! Start setting goals for how your remote team will revamp your marketing strategy.

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