Built for FMCG and it shows.

Your Dedicated FMCG Team

Although you may not know us, you have probably bought products we handle. It is now time for you to meet us! Marketing Bee is composed of highly skilled FMCG and food marketing marketers, an award-winning service with offices in Melbourne and Sydney. Our food marketing agency facilities also count a 3 level FMCG studio in Melbourne especially created for the team to craft content. From design projects to complete brand management solutions, the team is able to handle and scale projects of all sizes.

Creating thousands of digital pieces has helped us create ongoing results for our clients, win awards and partner with incredible brands.


Built for FMCG and it shows

At Marketing Bee – we deliver brand awareness, increased profitability, and lower resource costs whilst retaining quality, engagement, and impact. Engage a cutting-edge, nimble food marketing agency that is very efficient.

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We’ve Been Grateful to Work with Incredible Brands

Hear It From Our Customers

“Without Marketing Bee, our budget would have been wasted and we wouldn’t have been achieving the goals we wanted to”

– David Pearson, Brand Manager at Pace Farm

Sharon started Marketing Bee from her two bedroom apartment 10 years ago. She is a seasoned marketing expert and board consultant. She focuses on modern digital strategies for retail products that engage customers and expand the bottom line while closely collaborating with brand and marketing managers.
Sharon has successfully completed consultancy assignments for clients in Hong Kong, France, Italy, Singapore, and New Zealand in addition to Australia. She speaks French natively and possesses the capacity to push boundaries and encourage collaborative creativity. Her passion for food products and the retail space is unparalleled.

Sharon Latour

Luca is our National Production Director and a multifaceted marketer that monitors all of our work and assists our clients in gauging its success. Luca is behind the marketing of multiple FMCG companies with annual sales of more than $250 million, he works across several international markets. He can implement projects efficiently and at scale. Luca can be trusted to design efforts that have the maximum impact as per the multiple award-winning projects he has under his belt.

Luca Pagnut

Offices & Studio

Marketing Bee has extensive shooting facilities in Sydney with two full size studios under our WorkIt location. To bolster this position, in addition to its Melbourne office, we have acquired a 3-level FMCG studio in Melbourne equipped with Delonghi appliances, GreenPan cookware and its own prop studio. Marketing Bee’s suite of services and locations will reinforce the agency’s position as a go-to food marketing agency for food and beverage brands here and internationally.