Marketing Bee Creates a Buzz on C31: CEO Sharon Latour Dishes Out Food Marketing Wisdom


We’re buzzing with excitement here at Marketing Bee! Our fabulous CEO, Sharon Latour, recently made a star appearance on C31, showcasing her top-notch expertise in food marketing and European products. Filmed right in the heart of our Food Hive studio, this segment was an absolute treat to be part of. This segment solidifies Marketing Bee’s position as a leading food marketing agency in Melbourne, Sydney and globally.

A Feast of European Flavours

During the show, Sharon gave us a delicious taste of her vast knowledge in the food marketing world, particularly the European goodies that make us all drool. From gourmet cheeses to exquisite chocolates, she unravelled the secrets behind getting these delicacies onto Aussie tables. Her passion was palpable as she shared her savvy strategies for brand positioning, hooking in consumers, and conquering new markets

The Food Hive Studio: Where the Magic Happens

Our very own food marketing studio in Melbourne was the star behind the scenes, providing the perfect backdrop for Sharon’s segment. It was the ideal spot to highlight not just Sharon’s expertise but the vibrant and buzzing culture of Marketing Bee.

The show’s studio said “We recently filmed at Marketing Bee’s studio, the space was immaculate!”

Nuggets of Wisdom from an Industry Queen Bee

Sharon dished out golden nuggets on understanding the industry and her entrepreneurial journey. Her practical tips and strategic insights were insightful and dynamic.

Key topics were:

  • Entrepreneurship and resilience
  • Food marketing and trends
  • European products and heritage
  • How to get into the industry and succeed
Behind the Buzz: Making Food Marketing Magic at Marketing Bee

The segment also offered a behind-the-scenes peek into the hive of activity at Marketing Bee. Every step, from the first brainstorm to the final cut, was meticulously planned and executed, reflecting the high standards we uphold for ourselves and our clients. It’s all about the details.

Sharon’s stint on C31 is a buzzing reminder of the exciting future ahead in food marketing. We’re all about helping brands tell their unique stories and reach their fullest potential, whether they’re beloved Aussie classics or European delights.

Studio – The Food Hive

Styled by The Food Hive

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