Grove Avocado Oil Shines at International Taste Institute Awards


We are excited to announce that Grove Avocado Oil has been honoured at the prestigious International Taste Institute competition. Recognised for its exceptional taste and quality by a panel of renowned chefs and sommeliers, this achievement underscores Grove’s dedication to excellence in avocado oil production.

Celebrating Excellence

Winning at the International Taste Institute is a testament to Grove’s commitment to craftsmanship and innovation. The range maintains its natural flavour and nutritional benefits, setting a high standard in culinary oils.

Marketing Bee is proud to be the agency behind Grove Avocado Oil, supporting its success not only in awards but also in performing highly in retail networks particularly at Woolworths. Our strategic campaigns have helped showcase Grove Avocado Oil’s quality and appeal, contributing to its strong performance on shelves and in kitchens Australia and New Zealand wide.

View the case study here.

Photo credits: The Food Hive

Find Grove Avocado Oil at Woolworths.

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