Haldiram’s X Coeliac Australia Gluten-Free Launch

Marketing Bee is thrilled to announce the successful completion of Haldiram’s gluten-free naan launch in partnership with Coeliac Australia.

The Collaboration with Coeliac Australia

Coeliac Australia‘s media roll-out played a crucial role in validating Haldiram’s gluten-free naan, ensuring it meets strict dietary standards and consumer expectations.

Marketing Bee’s Food Marketing Approach

As campaign coordinators, we strategically highlighted the naan’s authenticity and gluten-free angles through targeted digital marketing, social media activations, and influencer partnerships. This was done by rolling out media on the Coeliac Australia site inclusive of a recipe shoot, display ads, banners and a feature article.

According to Arianne, Marketing Bee’s Outreach Coordinator, “Collaborating with Coeliac Australia amplified our outreach, particularly with key retailers like Woolworths. The client was happy with the reach and engagement this campaign created, we garnered a lot of positive comments online.”

Touching the Woolworths Retail Network

Our efforts reinforced prime placement for Haldiram’s gluten-free naan in Woolworths stores nationwide, enhancing accessibility and visibility.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments from Marketing Bee’s Outreach team.

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