How Centralising Sales and Marketing Transforms Companies

At many companies, sales and marketing teams are broken up in different departments, working on different schedules, hardly communicating with one another. They may be housed in the same building, but they’re as separate as night and day.

In today’s fast-paced digital and global economy, decentralised marketing may not be able to keep up with increased demands. Here’s how centralising sales and marketing can transform your company:

    • Lower cost

      By centralising sales and marketing, you’re able to consolidate expenses and use resources more efficiently. Shared use of technology, storage, training materials and other business infrastructure adds up to huge savings.

Increased resources

Aside from driving down overhead, sharing resources means there’s more for everyone. Rather than the redundancies inherent in decentralised sales and marketing, a centralised team is able to pool their time, talent and treasure for the greater good of all.

  • Brand Standardisation

    A centralised marketing and sales team means better communication and increased unity. Everyone is on the same page, with the same understanding of what your unique brand identity is.

  • Improved customer satisfaction

    A unified brand identity helps consumers—who are bombarded with marketing messages all day, every day—quickly and easily understand what your company is all about. Rather than the confusion of a multitude of different slogans and messages, consumers receive one clear, on-brand message across every separate campaign.

  • Synergy

    You’ve heard the old saying, “Two heads are better than one.” It’s still true today! When sales and marketing team members share ideas, they’re able to generate more exciting, more creative work. The chemistry of a well-functioning team can’t be replicated by individuals working separately.

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