How to Hire the Best Talent Around the World

Corporate team building is complicated even under traditional circumstances when everyone involved has offices located in one building. Many speeches, workshops, and books have been devoted to creating that perfect atmosphere that allows people to do their best work. Building a remote team has all the same challenges as building an in-house team, plus the added element of geographic distance. But as is often the case, where there is a challenge, there’s room to grow beyond your current abilities and unleash previously unknown potential. The trick is to do it well.

The same building blocks that are critical for a strong in-house team—trust, communication, clear expectations, good rapport—apply to remote teams as well. Here are our best recommendations, based on our experience.

  • Hire carefully.

    At Marketing Bee, we go through three gruelling rounds of interviews before we can become Bees. With the help of Skype, face-to-face talks allow us to learn a lot about each other before we make the commitment to work together. Examples of previous work are also critical in getting an idea of what a new hire may have to offer the team.

  • Interact frequently and thoughtfully.

    Checking in with one another about the day-to-day tasks at hand allows us to stay on top of what each Bee is contributing to the Hive. Quick hellos are a chance to ensure we’re all working in harmony.

  • Stay organised with the help of technology.

    Screen sharing tools and project management software create a virtual office that allows Bees to work together even when they’re separated by many kilometres and time zones. Getting the best talent in today’s global society means relying on tech tools to connect niche experts to one another.

  • Remember to have fun.

    From interviewing new candidates to celebrating a job well done, don’t let physical distance get in the way of humour, personal connection and friendship. Remote teams can achieve the same camaraderie that in-house teams enjoy.


Do you want to learn more about our dynamic team at Marketing Bee, or do you have comments or questions about team building? We’d love to hear from you.

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