Full-service agency Marketing Bee has launched The Pet Hive, a new division dedicated to pet food and pet care.

Says Sharon Latour, CEO, Marketing Bee: “We love working in this vertical. The pet care market is booming but it’s changing too with pet care market sophistication developing and growing in leaps and bounds. The Pet Hive offers the perfect pet product springboard.”

Marketing Bee has high level skills in the sector, as specialists in pet photography, ingredient-based research and content, vet and media collaborations and pet market media buying.

Says Latour: “More than 60% of Australians are pet owners and they take their responsibilities as pet parents very seriously. Pets are family.

“Our pets’ VIP status is growing, particularly with the events in 2020 forcing people to rely on their pets when at home more. The binding element is how pets make us feel and the comfort they provide, because we’re relying on that comfort and reassurance so much, as we do with family and friends.”

According to CEO Sharon Latour, The Pet Hive’s unique team of pet marketing specialists will drive concept and brand growth, informed by deep industry intelligence, bringing insight and accelerated creativity to boost results in pet industry businesses.

All the things people need for themselves; they also want for their pets. This means luxuries like beds, toys, clothing, travel accessories, gifts and grooming services, along with the must-have essentials like food, healthcare and medical services,
pharmaceuticals and insurance.

And pets pay us back for these things with joy because they love life and like to let it show – they thrive on living well.

Adds Latour: “Pet owners want more information about pet nutrition, healthcare and well-being – and seek it out to make choices. Pet care providers need to deliver this, creatively, on all platforms. Marketing services are moving at lightning speed. And so are competitors.

“And we are passionate about helping our clients stay ahead of the curve.”

Marketing Bee’s pet market clients already include Blackhawk, St. Bernard Pet Care, Hypro Premium, Pharmavet and Art of Whole Food as well as several other lines offered by distributors.

First published on Campaign Brief

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