Marketing Bee Gets A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Phoenix Beer Brewery in Mauritius

Phoenix Beer, an iconic brand from Mauritius, has been crafting exceptional brews since 1963. Marketing Bee has been proudly partnering with Phoenix Beer for the past four years, helping to bring its unique taste to the world. Recently, our team had the incredible opportunity to visit the brewery in Mauritius and get an exclusive tour from the Master Brewer.

The visit to the Phoenix Beer brewery was nothing short of extraordinary. The Master Brewer himself guided Luca and Sharon through the brewing process, sharing insights into the meticulous craftsmanship and passion that goes into every bottle. From the selection of the finest malt and hops to the use of pure Mauritian water, we witnessed firsthand the dedication to quality that defines Phoenix Beer.

Walking through the brewery, they saw state-of-the-art facilities and traditional brewing techniques working in harmony.

Our partnership with Phoenix Beer over the past four years has been immensely rewarding. This visit deepened our appreciation for the brand’s commitment to excellence and its rich brewing heritage. We are honoured to play a role in sharing the taste of Mauritius with beer lovers around the globe.

Marketing Bee has led campaigns at Aldi, Dan Murphy’s, Thirsty Camel and many others for Phoenix Beer over the years.

Cheers to this global partnership.

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