Marketing Bee’s Food Marketing Studio Celebrates 1-Year Milestone


At Marketing Bee, we are thrilled to celebrate a significant milestone: the one-year anniversary of our food marketing Melbourne studio – The Food Hive. This dedicated space which was created alongside our food marketing offices in Sydney and Melbourne has been pivotal in shaping our agency’s expertise, solidifying our position as a leader in the industry. As we reflect on this journey, it’s clear that Food Hive represents more than just a physical space—it embodies our commitment to innovation, creativity, and unparalleled service in food marketing.

Enhancing Client Engagement and Collaboration

The establishment of Food Hive has significantly enhanced our ability to engage with clients on a deeper level. It serves as a tangible representation of our dedication to understanding and meeting the unique needs of food brands. We have strengthened our partnerships and gained invaluable insights into the challenges and opportunities within the food industry. Our team has also made shooting, styling and creating content so easy!

Driving Specialisation in Food Marketing

The Food Hive studio has played a pivotal role in shaping Marketing Bee’s specialisation in food marketing. By focusing our efforts and resources in this dedicated space, we have honed our expertise and developed tailored strategies that resonate with consumers in the food sector. From TV chef initiatives to digital marketing campaigns for gourmet brands, Food Hive has been instrumental in driving our agency’s growth and influence within the industry.

Enhancing Efficiency and Value: Our In-House Studio Advantage

By consolidating our production resources, we minimise costs associated with external locations, ensuring competitive pricing and faster turnaround times. This setup also grants us immediate access to a diverse array of props, cookware, and appliances, facilitating seamless and efficient campaign executions. From gourmet brands to working with chefs, our studio empowers us to deliver high-quality results with precision and creativity.

Looking Ahead: Continuing Innovation and Growth

Luca Pagnut, Production Director said – “Our dedication to innovation and client-centric solutions remains unwavering, and we are committed to further expanding our capabilities in food marketing. From leveraging emerging technologies to exploring new trends in consumer behaviour, Food Hive will continue to be a catalyst for growth and excellence at Marketing Bee.”

Since its opening, the studio has been used for:

  • Woolworths Campaigns
  • Coles Campaigns
  • Campaigns for giveaways and cross-brand collaborations
  • TV segments with chefs and hosts
  • Reels and content for Tik Tok, Instagram and Facebook
  • How-to videos for products, appliances and recipes

Join us in celebrating one year of Food Hive and the endless possibilities that lie ahead in redefining food marketing and content production.

Stay tuned for more updates from Marketing Bee as we continue to innovate and excel in the food marketing space.

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