Our New Vision Is Live.

Marketing Bee is proud to announce the launch of our new website which coincides with our expanding range of services and projects.

The Marketing Bee team embarked on the challenge of creating a new website which would provide a clear message of who we are, what we stand for and why we are proud of being the safe and reliable creative choice our clients rely on.  For the technical part, this new facet of our business also needed to boast a clean design and intuitive navigation, be fully responsive with mobile devices, making it easy to navigate on a wide range of web browsers and portable devices. We are stoked that we’ve achieved all of those goals.

We’ve introduced a range of new content to the website, including new team & office photography by award – winning photographer Richard Weinstein and a wider portfolio of our work. You will also have the opportunity to go through our testimonials whilst viewing our awards and certifications. We plan on expanding this site with a Knowledge Hive where we will host a library of whitepapers, guides, templates and video content designed to help you make the right decisions about your marketing – stay tuned for more updates about this part of the project.

Finally we are proud to have added the logos and names of the brands we work with – locally and internationally as well as the results we achieve for our clients. We cannot thank our clients enough for their trust, loyalty and the wonderful relationships they create with us.

We will continue to communicate regularly through our blogs by providing new articles and notifications. We also plan to continue adding video content and project information to provide you with everything you need to understand our products,  services and upcoming technology. As Sharon’s expertise continues to gather media interest we will also focus on her story and sharing our journey.

We’re really proud of what we’ve achieved with this project and feel it will create the experience you’re looking for when you pay us a visit or fly with us.

Check out the new website here:  https://www.marketingbee.com.au/

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