Phoenix Beer Wins Gold at Monde Selection 2024

Phoenix Beer, the iconic brand from Mauritius, has won Gold at the Monde Selection 2024. This award recognises the exceptional quality and craftsmanship that Phoenix Beer has consistently delivered since 1963. Phoenix Beer is part of Marketing Bee’s global food marketing portfolio, the beer is held by PhoenixBev, one of the best performing F & B companies in the African region, who also holds the portfolio for Coke.

A Testament to Quality

Phoenix Beer’s Gold award at the Monde Selection highlights its dedication to brewing excellence. Using the finest ingredients and state-of-the-art facilities, Phoenix Beer offers a crisp, refreshing taste that stands out on the global stage.

A Partnership of Success

Marketing Bee is proud to have been Phoenix Beer’s export partner for the past four years. This collaboration has helped bring the unique taste of Mauritius to beer enthusiasts Australia-wide, contributing to Phoenix Beer’s international acclaim. Says Luca Pagnut Production Director “I’m not going to lie, it’s literally my favourite beer, I am so happy for the brand! Well deserved”.

Celebrating Together

Join us in raising a glass to Phoenix Beer’s outstanding achievement. Here’s to more years of exceptional brewing and continued success. Marketing Bee has led campaigns at Aldi, Dan Murphy’s, Thirsty Camel and many others for Phoenix Beer over the years.

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