Billy B’s

Case Studies

Marketing Bee’s brand rejuvenation for Billy B’s Fermented Hot Sauce.

Headquartered in Sydney, Billy B’s Fermented Hot Sauce began in 1964 as a family recipe to garnish Sunday roasts and BBQ’s. But it was too good to keep secret so it was brought to market for Australians to enjoy. Fresh chillies and garlic are combined then crafted over three days in small batches. Billy B’s goes perfectly with everything and was retailing at the major food retailers.

Market Strategy

Marketing Bee refreshed and modernised the brand with a state-of-the-art FMCG consulting model. New digital themes re-energised the imagery, adding a contemporary fun style to its deep roots. In the re-branding Billy B’s was calibrated away from being perceived as a very spicy hot sauce, to a position of good entry-level spiciness, great for everyone, encouraging more sales and more trial opportunities. Billy B’s is for both spice lovers and the spice-curious! The power and reach of the social media platforms was launched by Marketing Bee, where previously it had been non-existent.

Website Development

After a market study of other brands and how Billy B’s Fermented Hot Sauce is perceived, a new website strategy was put in place. Elements of bright Latin and Mediterranean design style were used for energy and appetite appeal. The brand was showcased at its delicious best with appealing new graphics and delicious recipes celebrating different cuisines, and delicious opportunities to spice things up with Billy B’s. Marketing Bee produced great food photography that we know is essential for impact and for brand character.

Retailer Highlights

We streamlined all digital channels showing users instantly where to go to buy the product. We design and maintain the platform, incorporating Woolworth’s brand guides. This resulted in an increase in retail volume at supermarket level.


Marketing Bee produced studio shoots of Billy B’s showing that it’s a delicious topping for a variety of dishes. Product and packaging shots were also refreshed in an appealing style.

Social Media

Marketing Bee undertook complete A-Z management of social Media, including ad management. Facebook and Instagram are fully deployed with engaging food marketing content, recipes and strategies to boost sales.

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