Unlocking Food Marketing Insights: Key Takeaways from the Made with Care NZ Webinar

Recently, Arianne Dator, Outreach Coordinator had the opportunity to participate in the thought-provoking “Made With Care” webinar, where industry experts discussed pivotal topics surrounding the food marketing positioning of New Zealand’s food and beverage (F&B) products.

Here are some key learnings and insights that emerged from the discussions:

Barriers to Consistent Purchasing
  1. Cost Concerns: A significant barrier to purchasing remains the perceived high cost of sustainable products. In fact, 43% of consumers identified cost as a major deterrent.
  2. Ethical Clarity: Particularly in regions like China, 43% of consumers find it challenging to discern which products align with their ethical values, underscoring the need for clearer ethical labelling and communication.
  3. Availability Issues: Approximately 25% of respondents noted that sustainable products are not readily available in mainstream retail outlets, highlighting a gap in distribution channels.
  4. Quality and Trust Issues: Concerns over the taste and quality of sustainable products (19%) and skepticism regarding product claims (19%) also pose significant obstacles.
Leveraging New Zealand’s Brand Strengths
  1. Positive Brand Health: New Zealand enjoys a robust brand reputation in the F&B sector, yet there is untapped potential to further enhance its food marketing image as a premium producer committed to sustainability and ethical production.
  2. Messaging Strategies: Emphasising New Zealand’s dedication to sustainability, care, and trust can differentiate its products in the global marketplace. Highlighting attributes such as premium quality and exceptional taste is crucial for improving consumer perceptions and fostering brand loyalty.
Market Messaging Strategies
  1. Justifying Premium Pricing: Communicating the superior taste and safety of New Zealand’s products is essential, as these qualities are highly valued globally and can justify premium pricing.
  2. Clear Sustainability Messaging: Addressing consumer barriers with transparent and actionable sustainability claims is imperative. Building trust through genuine commitment and transparent communication can bolster credibility among consumers.
Global Perceptions of New Zealand’s F&B
  1. Awareness Levels: While awareness of New Zealand as a premium F&B producer remains strong, maintaining and enhancing this perception globally is crucial. Recent figures indicate that awareness levels have slightly decreased but remain competitive with other renowned F&B producing countries.
  2. Consumer Preferences: Consumers value New Zealand’s products for their perceived health benefits, exceptional quality, and ethical production practices. However, continuous efforts to enhance brand awareness and consumer preference are pivotal goals for initiatives like the Made with Care campaign.

In conclusion, the “Made With Care” webinar provided invaluable insights into overcoming barriers to sustainable purchasing and maximising New Zealand’s brand potential in the global F&B market. By addressing consumer concerns, leveraging inherent strengths, and refining market messaging strategies, stakeholders can contribute to a more sustainable and competitive future for New Zealand’s F&B sector.

For those interested in exploring further, initiatives like Made with Care offer a platform to drive meaningful change and elevate New Zealand’s reputation as a leader in sustainable and premium-quality food and beverage production. Marketing Bee eagerly anticipates expanding its presence and impact in New Zealand.

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